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June 27, 2013
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Arthur read the book out loud, reciting a spell that was new to him. He was dressed in his cloak with the hood over his head. With variety of candles and bowls filled with power around him, he chanted over and over, setting the book down and picking up the bowl. Chanting louder, he closed his eyes and felt pressure in his hands.

Opening his green eyes, he smiled as the powder in the bowl burst into flames. As the fire died, he set it back on the table and sighed. Another day of practice, and he was doing great.

His phone went off, a soft melody playing as he searched for it. Fumbling with the thin phone, he tapped the talk button and held it up to his ear. “Hello?”

“Arthur~” A girly voice sang over the receiver, and he sighed. “I was wondering if you wanted to come over. I’m having a party tonight, I’m sure it’ll be fun!”

She knew parties weren’t his forte, but she always insisted. He knew she’d invite lot of people, those of who he doesn’t get along with. Yet, he didn’t want to upset her, so he would give in like he usually does. “Fine, I’ll be over later. Let me finish up around here.”

(Name) giggled and grew cheerful. “Thank you Arthur! I promise you won’t regret it!”

Hanging up, Arthur set the phone down, and flipped through his spell book. He’d practice one more and then go get ready for the party. Finding one that seemed to be pretty easy called “Animal Turning”. The title was clear enough for him, and he didn’t bother reading it.

Setting up the ingredients he needed, he started the spell by speaking the Latin words written. As he got louder, a cloud of smoke rose around him and covered him as he got closer to the end. Saying the last verse, he dropped to the ground as pain seared through his body. He pushed the table away from him, groaning and hunching over. Closing his eyes tightly, he covered his face with his hands, waiting for it to subside.

Finally the pain dulled and his body felt exhausted. Standing, he stretched, cracking his back. Looking down at his watch, he grabbed his phone and hurried up the stairs to get ready. All was fine until something in the mirror caught his eye. Taking a step back, his eyes grew wide and he stumbled backwards, reaching to touch the side of his head.

A pair of big brown wolf ears sat on his head. They twitched and he turned to leave, when he noticed the bushy tail behind him. One of the ears went straight up while the other went down. Leaning forward, he opened his mouth to see his canines grown out.

His phone rang, the same soft melody he had chosen for the girl playing again. Putting it to his ear, or the wolf ear, he could hear music playing in the background. “Arthur? Are you still coming? Alfred and Francis are already here. They are looking for you.”

“You know, _____. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Something came up suddenly…” He felt really bad, but it wasn’t like he could show up looking like this.

There was a moment of silence, which was cut short by a sigh. “Please, you promised me. I really would like it if you could come. And it’s a costume party, since Halloween is almost here. You can dress up in that cape you did last year, I don’t care. Just please come, okay?”

Staring into the mirror, his green eyes brightened and his ears went back. He couldn’t leave her, especially when most of the people at the party were going to be men. Yet, that wasn’t the only reason. His heart tightened and he sighed, closing his eyes and feeling sick. Hopefully whatever spell he did, it wouldn’t end up with him killing anyone.

“Alright, I’ll be there. Don’t worry about anything, and don’t let Alfred drink too much, you know how he can get. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Hanging up, he walked away from his reflection, trying to think about what he could wear to cover up the reality of his problem. He eventually decided to go with a suit, to make him look like a classy wolf. Although, he had to cut a hole in the slacks, sewing around it so it was half-assed. Nodding to his mirror, he grabbed his phone and keys, leaving his house and to his car.

Of course he wouldn’t look different. Now that he noticed, there were people walking around in costumes. Must be parties going on everywhere. A man walked by him, holding his hand up, confusing Arthur. Awkwardly, the stranger put his hand down but told him he liked his costume.

Chuckling nervously, he nodded and climbed into the driver seat, trying to get situated. As he sat there, his ears started twitching and his nerves spiking. Something was gnawing at him stomach, telling him he should just stay home and figure out how to fix this. Yet, he couldn’t disappoint the only person he actually cared for. He had promised her he would make it, and that’s what he was going to do.

Taking a deep breath, he stared out the window, waiting for his arms to move and turn the ignition. But his ears pulled back and fear gripped him. What could possibly go wrong, that he was so worried about?
Mini-series commission for :iconmillypie360:

This is obviously not what you wanted, terribly sorry. I just wanted to make it kind of cute and funny. Next chapter will be better, I promise. This is kind of getting the problem out of the way, so now we can get into the good stuff.

Watching the Confederations Cup, and it's half-time so I thought I'd try to get some internet to upload this. I'll get to everyone's comments when I get home. My phone doesn't like to work with comments. If you need me, send me a note, I'll be able to answer that. If I am able to reply to your comment, you got lucky. I know I have a crap-ton of comments to reply to, so yeah.

Characters belong to: Hidekaz Himaruya~<3
Story belongs to me~

1: Here~

:iconpointcommissionsopen: :icontradesonhold:
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