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June 7, 2013
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“Wait, _____, stop that!” A vase collided into the ground, shattering it to pieces. Squeals and giggles echoed around the room, as small feet pounded onto the wood floors. Suddenly there was another loud thud, and it was quiet. Then, cries rose above the silence and screamed for help.

Ludwig rounded the corner to see the little girl lying on the floor, tears pouring out of her eyes. She looked up at him, and stuck her tiny arms out. He sighed, walking forward and picking her up. She clung to his chest and immediately stopped crying. He grabbed her hand and her little fingers wrapped around his index finger. Smiling softly, he cradled her and cooed her so she’d calm down.

(Name) looked up at him, and pecked him on the check before pushing away. Chuckling, he sat her feet back down on the ground. She took the opportunity to walk around and go pet the German Sheppard. The dog excited ran around her as she giggled and tried to touch him. He nipped at her clothes as he got behind her and she spun, squealing and reaching for him.

Ludwig stood and watched; happy they got along, but still cautious. The doorbell rang and the dog barked, rushing towards the door. (Name) ran after him, a smile on her face. “I’ll get it!” The little girl pushed passed her father in attempt to get there first. She grabbed the handle and twisted it, pulling it open.

On the other side of the door, was the German’s older brother, Gilbert. With him, were two small brunette little boys with him; one holding his hand and the other in his arm. “Hallo bruder!” He looked down and smiled brightly at the little girl. “Hallo _____!”

“Uncle Gilbert!” The child giggled and hugged his leg. The boy beside him frowned and gazed at her, while the other looked down. He started reaching towards her, eyes wide and calling, “Bella, bella!”

Ludwig pulled her back so his brother could set the brown eyed boy down. “Are you watching Feliciano and Lovino today?” The two stood in front of the girl, eyeing her and she smiled, taking each other their hands. She pulled them away, taking them into the living area.

“Ja, they are a bunch of brats if you ask me. I’ll be right back, I have something for _____ in the car.”

The blonde nodded, closing the door and going back to the children. The boys kept looking at her like she was new and interesting.  Lovino pulled her (h/c) hair, and she cried, pushing him away. He apologized, and began patting her head. Feliciano walked over and grabbed her hand, telling her not to cry.

(Name) looked over at her father, (e/c) eyes bright and she smiled. “Vati! Come play with us!” He chuckled and sat down in the chair. She hurried over and climbed up into his lap, sticking her tongue out at the boys.

The door opened again, and Gilbert walked back in. “Oh _____! Look what Uncle Gilbert got you~!” He sang as he waltzed over, and from behind his back, he pulled out a large yellow chick plush. She giggled and tried to grab it, resulting in her almost falling off the chair.

Getting back on the ground, she took the large plush in her tiny arms, and ran away. Ludwig stood up from his chair, panicking. “_____, don’t run!” There was loud crash, and the twins ran over to see.

“No! Lovino, Feliciano, come back!” The older brothers ran to the scene, just as shattering glass sounded from the kitchen.

“Vati!” A cry called and they found the girl on the ground behind the island counter. “Vati!” She cried again, sniffling and wiping her nose. The plush toy was sitting next to her, and she had a small cut on her leg. She wailed in pain, or more from being scared, and held her arms out.

Stepping over the shattered glass, Ludwig picked her up and sat her on the counter. He inspected her for any shards that might have cut her, but he didn’t see any. Grabbing a towel, he soaked it and pressed it against her wound. The child put her head down, afraid to look her father in the eyes. Smiling, he covered the cut with a bandage, and picked her back up.

She rested her head on his chest and he waited until her breathing slowed. Indicating she was asleep, he took her to her room, lying her down on her bed. The twins walked in, and lay down on either side of her, grabbing her hand and closing their eyes. The German Sheppard curled on the ground at the foot of the bed, looking up at his owner, as if saying he’d watch after them.

Ludwig left her, and started cleaning up the mess. Gilbert helped, and then looked up at him. “She sure is a wild one, isn’t she? Are you alright with taking care of her all by yourself?”

“Ja, she is my child after all. I think I can handle her. But thanks to you, for buying her that thing.”

Gilbert chuckled and nodded. The brothers went to the living area, and sat down, having a beer with each other. Ludwig allowed him and the twins to spend the night, since it seemed they wouldn’t leave his daughter’s side. Before going to sleep for the night, he snuck a peek into the room. Lovino and Feliciano were each holding into her hand, their heads on her shoulders. He smiled and closed the door, leaving them in peace.
Request for :icongilbertjunior222:

Sorry guys, at the moment, we don't have internet. If you didn't read on Tumblr, I'm using a slow two bar internet and I'm lucky enough just to get this up. I'll try to respond to as many things as I can, but I can't guarantee anything. If you have any questions, send me a note or something. But since the loss of internet, I was able to do this request. Also, I really like baby Italys, so I used them.

Characters belong to: Hidekaz Himaruya~<3
Story belongs to me~

:iconpointcommissionsopen: <--- (give me an excuse to write more)
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