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May 3, 2013
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Lovino pouted as he watched his friends. They were all laughing and talking together. Although he usually acted like he never was interested, he was. He just didn’t know how to interact with the bunch. Unlike his brother, who made friends easily, he always ended up making people mad at him.

His green eyes rested on one person in particular. His girlfriend, (Name). Smiling slightly, he admired her (h/c) hair and sparkling (e/c) eyes. She was the one who could make him smile. She was the one who could make his heart beat faster, even if he didn’t want it to. Sighing, he watched as she laughed with the three surrounding her. He wasn’t jealous, or so he wished.

(Name)’s eyes moved to him, and she tilted her head, grinning. His face turned red and he glared, grabbing her hand and pulling her away. They were currently in town, and happened to run into these three idiots, who called themselves the ‘Bad Touch Trio’.

“Lovino Vargas! Let go of me, and talk to me, please!” He stopped, forgetting that he was gripping her hand. Turning and letting go, she huffed and twirled her wrist around. “I can’t believe you did that.”

“I’m sorry, bella, but we are out, remember?” He turned his head, feeling slightly embarrassed. She smirked and linked her arm with his, and started walking. They didn’t speak for a while, taking in the buildings and decorations. There were no celebrations going on, it was just one of those towns that thought they needed silly things hanging on their trees and building.

The sun was out high above in the sky, making it uncontrollably hot. “Lovino, why don’t we get some ice cream?” She gazed at him, hopeful he’ll say yes. Feeling like his was in a trance, he smiled and nodded. She hugged him and pulled him to the nearest shop. Inside, it was cool, and he was quite thankful for that. As they stood in line, he looked around to see people staring at them.

Rolling his eyes, Lovino and the girl ordered their ice cream, and paid. He watched as the boy behind the counter smile and wink at her. Lovino was turning red with anger, so he placed his arm around her shoulders, and kissed the top of her head. She giggled and looked up at him as they stepped back outside. She dipped into her ice cream with her spoon, and put it up to his mouth. His cheeks burned but he leaned forward and closed his mouth around the spoon.

Pulling away, he smiled, making her giggle cutely. His eyes growing wide, he narrowed them and scooped up his ice cream on his finger and placed it on her nose. She stopped giggling and laughed and closed her eyes. He sighed, a smile visibly clear, and kissed the ice cream off her nose.

“Thanks Lovino~” She chuckled, hearing music and grabbing his hand. He spun her around, laughing with her, and pulling her to his chest. Regaining themselves, they walked again, eating their ice cream in peace. He would occasionally steal glances her way, the happy look all over her face as she placed a large spoonful into her mouth.

(Name) looked over at him, and he turned his head quickly, reaching a trash can and dropping his empty cup in. She hurried with hers and did the same. Looking around, noticed a band sitting on the side of the street, playing a soft but upbeat tone. She wrapped her fingers between his and dragged him towards them, dancing around.

Lovino huffed, looking away, embarrassed. People didn’t just do that. But he noticed the band got excited, and people began to look. She laughed, twirling around and she grabbed him, pulling him to her. As he looked at her, he couldn’t help but fall in love all over again, a grin breaking through.

He danced around with her, placing his hand on her hip while he held her hand in his other. Their legs moved together, spinning them around the small area. After the music died, he pulled her close, touching foreheads. His eyes were closed and he breathed in, smiling. When he opened his eyes, he was swimming in pools of (e/c).

He leaned down, and pressed his lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back. The crowd cheered and clapped, making him flustered. A guy whistled and he turned, tightening his arms around her, and glaring at him. She laughed and dragged him away from the crowd.

“Is someone jealous?” He glared at her, and crossed his arms. “You are jealous! Even though you got to kiss the girl.” She bit her lower lip playfully.

Lovino growled, rolling his eyes at her. “Yeah, right. I’m not jealous of anyone.” She wouldn’t stop, so he leaned in close, and cupped the back of her head. “But I don’t want anyone taking what’s mine.” He kissed her again, hungrier this time. Parting, his breathed deeply. “Mio bella ragazza.”

“I love you, Lovino.” (Name) wrapped her arms around his neck, hiding her face in his neck.

He laughed, hugging her back and petting her hair. “Me too, _____.”
This is a request for :iconmeara8558:
I hope you like it dear ^^

Yay, first request done! I actually really liked this one, so I hope you guys do too. I think 'Mio' is right, because he's a guy and he's talking about himself? I couldn't sound more like an idiot, but I going to go with that.

Characters belong to: Hidekaz Himaruya~<3
Story belongs to me~

Comments and feedback are great ^^
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