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April 10, 2013
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It was quiet, and dark except for the light coming from the lantern. Shadows of trees and shrubbery was illumining from the dim flame. The moon was covered by dark clouds in the blackened sky, so it was of little help. There was a snap, and the scenery changed. Now, it was a blood filled room, and inside, was a man. He was standing by the window, and when he turned, he smiled. He was missing an eye, the socket empty and oozing with blood, and his throat was slit. He moved closer and closer, and just when he was going to attack, he disappeared.

Turning, a door opened and slipping inside, it led to a foggy hallway. Sharp blades were stuck in the walls, as were body parts. Moving past them, a growl was heard, along with shrill screams and banging. Changing the pace, and moving faster now, the floor gave way and ended with more darkness. There was a moment of silence, before the face of the man appeared closer than ever, screaming at the top of his lungs, holding a terrifying expression.

There was another scream, this time of a girl, and Kiku looked over. He clicked the start button, pausing the game and setting the controller down. Changing his position on the couch, he reached out to touch the girl hiding in a blanket. She flinched, sobs shaking her body. He turned on the lamp beside him and turned off the television, so the sounds were gone.

“______, daijōbu? What it too scary?” She looked up, (e/c) eyes watery and filled with fear. He suddenly grew saddened by her state, and moved closer.

“Of course it was too scary! Kiku, I don’t even know why I said I’d be here to watch this. Japanese games are just so creepy.” She cried, hiding back under the blanket and leaning against him. He froze, not sure what to do. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her and pressed his cheek on her head.

He sighed, thinking about what she had said. “Well of course, it’s a horror game. It’s supposed to be creepy. But I didn’t mean for it to scare you so much. I’m sorry, _____.”

She looked back up at him, sniffling and wiping her eyes. She started shaking again, pulling her legs closer to her. “No, now I’m going to have nightmares.” She leaned on him again, nuzzling into his chest. “Can I stay with you tonight?”

Kiku’s eyes grew wide, and his cheeks burned at her request. He started to get flustered and pulled her away. “Eh, you mean, like stay over?” She nodded. “Y-you mean,” He couldn’t finish, looking away and feeling his whole face burn from embarrassment. “Sleep together?” His voice was so quiet, he was sure she didn’t hear him.

“Yes, please. Oh Kiku, I’m so scared.” She cried again, and he turned back to stare into her eyes. They were shone with honesty that she was scared, and he couldn’t say no. Nodding slightly, he sighed and stood from the couch, taking her hand. She stood, following him to his room. They both crawled onto the bed, and she held onto his shirt, hiding into it. Kiku pulled the covers up over them and wrapped his arms around her, still embarrassed. Naturally, he’d push away, but she was just so cute.


Kiku watched (Name) at the meeting, making sure her nerves died down. He was about to say something, but the bubbly Italian was just too quick. He hugged her from behind, making her scream loudly, causing the room to grow quiet. Feliciano stepped back, worried he had hurt her.

Hurrying over, Kiku crouched in front of the girl, who had dropped to the ground, covering her ears as if it would protect her. Looking up slowly at him, she cried and dove into his arms, gaining a soft chuckle from him, and a comforting hug. He promised he wouldn’t play anymore scary games, at least not like the last one.

“_____, I have a new game, would you like to come over and play with me?” She pushed away and gazed at him. He pulled out the game and she screamed, running into Feliciano’s arms. Laughing, he put it away, and decided he would enjoy he being scared, just so he could hold her.
Okay, I promise. Last one for today. I found this one that I was working on a while ago, I guess I just forgot about it? Well, I suck at making something scary, but I tried. This game isn't real, at least I don't think so. Heh. I feel I haven't given enough attention to Kiku, so here he is Nihon lovers!

Daijōbu - Are you alright? (Something like that. If I'm wrong, tell me.)

Comments and feedback are welcome, and I hope to see a lot. xD

Characters belong to: Hidekaz Himaruya~<3
Story belongs to me~
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You're making it seem like I'm a moae character from anime, and I'm not the type that is very amused, but good storyline
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