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February 25, 2013
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Fighting at school is unacceptable at the Academy, but no one listens to anyone. Fighting is a usual thing that goes on at the school. This mostly happens between Yao, a Chinese student, and a young girl. Every time they see each other, it ends in screaming.

“You think you’re so big, huh?”

“Well as a matter of fact I am.”

“Ha! I don’t think so small di-”

“Flat chest!!” Yao was getting angry, listening to this insufferable girl talk.

“You look like a little girl, cut your hair!”

“Tomboy, grow some hair!”

“Coming from the guy who likes stuff animals!”

Yao growled, chucking his book that he was holding, at her. She dodged it and threw hers right back, sticking her tongue out. She walked up to him and balled her fingers into a fist, taking a swing at him.

“Guys, could you not fight in the hallway? No one wants to see that.” Arthur, Englishman called, annoyance in his voice.

Both of them turned and glared. “Shut the hell up, Arthur!”

Taking the chance he had, Yao pushed her out of the away and took off. He didn’t have time to fight. But he stopped hearing a loud voice yell at him.

“You Chinese prick!” He turned slightly to see the same girl standing there, hands on her hips, smirking.

God did that make his heart race. He loved the girl, everything about her, but he hated that she always wanted to fight. Not only were her looks amazing, at least to him, but her personality. She was funny and easy-going, but she had a tendency to snap. When she did, she was brave and strong, never letting someone win against her.

Yao sighed, just wanting her to stop. Then he smirked, and walked past the on lookers, straight up to her.

“Finally, you-” She was cut off when Yao slammed her up against the lockers, crushing his mouth to hers, wrapping his arm around her waist. His other hand gripped her thigh and pulled it up to his hip, pushing roughly against her.

She cried against his lips, which kissed back. “Mhnn~ Yao!” He chuckled, pulling her chin up and deepening the kiss, his tongue exploring. Suddenly, a locker opened and they were pushed in, the door closing. It was a rather large locker, but cramped for two people. Not like they needed the room.

He pressed both hands by her head against the locker’s side. She leaned against the back, wrapping her legs around his waist. He pushed against her more, making her mouth water inside his.

----Outside of Locker----

“Nnng~ Please…” A desperate lustful voice echoed inside, and there was a loud bang. The students standing outside in the hall and walking past gave each other a look of shock.

“Yao… I take back what I said.” The female voice giggled breathlessly, moaning at the end.

“I do too, ____.”
:iconhurrplz: Wow, so I'm posting this because I feel like it. Heh... should I rate it.. I mean it's not that bad is it?
Again, sorry for the language... it was just too fun Cx

The characters belong to Hidekaz Himaruya <3
You belong to you or...

---------Feedback is Welcome! I'd love to hear what you guys think!---------
For those who haven't read the songfic I posted, I would like it if you checked it out: [link] But you don't have to... :iconbegplz:

Watch me if you want more! Soon I'm going to stop putting them in groups because it's tedious -lazy-. It'd be awesome if you watched me!
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Lol, so I was making fun of my own race by making fun of him  for being Chinese...
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“Ha! I don’t think so small di-”

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